STA048 | Seekers Who Are Lovers | You Are The Pride Of Your Street

We are proud to release Seekers Who Are Lovers‘ debut EP, You Are The Pride Of Your Street, as an expanded edition free download. The EP was originally released on Soundsister in late 2006 and we are re-releasing today with a couple of live bonus tracks that will serve as a precursor to Seekers Who Are Lovers’ forthcoming new release on Static Discos. We transcribe part of Pitchforkmedia’s review by Mark Richardson to describe the music of You Are The Pride Of Your Street:

Ángel Sánchez, the man behind Seekers Who Are Lovers, has previously released music under the name Antiguo Autómata Mexicano. Seekers Who Are Lovers is a vastly different project for Sánchez, in that it focuses on songs and his voice. Lots of electronic producers decide at some point to work vocals into their music, and many take to the mic themselves; none I’ve heard possesses the vocal talent of Sánchez. His androgynous croon, which oscillates between masculine and feminine in the manner of artists like Nina Simone and Bryan Ferry, is rich, ethereal and supple. That the name of this project is drawn from a Cocteau Twins track is a further clue to the sonic world Sánchez is after”.

Seekers Who Are Lovers – “You Are The Pride Of Your Street – Expanded Edition (STA048)” Free Download

Produced by Rubén Tamayo. Recorded and arranged by Rubén Tamayo in Mexicali, México. It’s A Hard Life mixed and arranged by Fernando Corona. (c) Seekers Who Are Lovers. All songs written and performed by Ángel Sánchez Bórges, except It’s A Hard Life, lyrics by Will Oldham, published by Royal Stable Music (ASCAP), lyrics on Cae El Mar from “Dieta de manzanas para el león que cerca sonrisa en cantos”, poem by Macedonio González. Mastered at Fascimile Sound. Cover photo by Heather Culp. Design by Nicolás Pradilla. Very special thanks to Ejival and Karina Villalobos.

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