STA032 | Fax | Zig Zag

Fifth release from México’s FAX, who returns with one of his most eclectic releases. In what he describes as his definitive pop album, FAX manages to shift from melodic techno to shimmering electronic pop with vocals from Alex Ayuli (AR Kane), Valentina and Mariana Monjeau (Altocamet and Isla de los Estados).

Zig Zag shows the diversity in FAX ‘s producing capabilities with a more luminous approach than his previous two albums, it is a return to danceable rhythms inspired in the latest trends in techno and subtle post-cosmic disco forms. It is possibly FAX’s most accessible album yet, while retaining the sleek sounds he has been known throughout his career. A strong candidate for those sexy and thumping summer nights.

How many Mexican musicians or composers can boast of having a vast discography? Even more so in electronic music, where it seems that toys and codes matter more than doing solid work, than evolving and continuing to learn over time. How many projects have been born and disappeared in the period that Fax has published his five albums? How many have changed their names and projects? Like seasonal fruits, a detail that has made Mexican electronic music less serious. On the other hand, perseverance, passion and prudence seems to be a formula accepted by the compadres Rubén Tamayo and Fernando Corona (Murcof), and that although many do not understand it has yielded excellent results. – Israel Martínez (Replicante)