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Los Macuanos play Nrml.

Los Macuanos will play the Festival Nrml in Monterrey City on March 12th 2011. The ruidosón trio have also released their debut EP, Ritmo

Blacmale in Fabric compilation.

Blacmale’s Golden Day will appear in Agoria’s forthcoming Fabric mix compilation. The mysterious duo released their debut Ep on Static Discos in 2010.

Señora Krupps.

Señora Krupps is Javier Fernández second book and it opens the Static platform as a publishing entity of literature. Many years in the making,

Machino joins Static.

Tijuana techno producer Machino will release an EP on Static Discos, his debut release for Static will include remixes by Fax and Al-B. Machino


Fax recently completed a podcast for Plasmodium radio. Fax’s contribution to the Plasmodium series twirls between the well and unknown run down of marginal


Ejival recently contributed a podcast for Derek Plaslaiko’s Snowprayers website, which hosts music inspired by “a certain type of melancholy that just goes hand in

New blood.

2011 has some new blood for Static Discos, starting with Al-b, a young techno producer from the border region. Alongside Machino, Martell and others