The end of Carrie.

Before the end of 2011, we got news from Carrie (Laura B.) that she would be releasing a new single through her website in early 2012. Well, the release is here and its a double a-side single with the ubiquitous lovely twee sounds that we love and cherish from Carrie, a song called ‘Boats’ and an instrumental called ‘Pendulum’. The single, sadly, also marks the end of Carrie.

Laura wrote us and said that “a lot of time has passed since I have released anything by Carrie, and I always thought that I had not properly closed that cycle. And with the dread of this, and not wanting it to haunt me for a long time, I started to work on two new and final tracks for Carrie. Au revoir to Carrie and to all those beautiful years, people, friends and places …”

But don’t you be all sad on us, Laura told us as well that she would return with a new project soon. We can’t wait.

Carrie’s debut and sophomore releases, Honey Blue Star and 1981, can be purchased on iTunes.

The final single can be downloaded on Carrie’s website and you can listen to both songs below:

Carrie – Boats (ft. killyourcat) by carriemx

Carrie – Pendulum by carriemx

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