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Let’s have a Dead Celebration

Mexicali’s Maniqui Lazer have just released their new album, Dead Celebration. Their third studio album features a more subdued but still angsty and cinematic avant


FAX returns with a new cassette EP, The New Rage, for Indian Gold Records. Using a different approach for this recording Rubén Tamayo used old

Fax’s Impala.

We asked FAX, Mexicali’s Rubén A. Tamayo, to talk about Impala his contribution to our Residual Stock compilation.

Why did you make it?

Because I was told to.

FAX talks.

FAX reaches full circle with his follow up to Zig Zag. His new album, Circles, will be released in early 2012 by Alexandre Navarro’s SEM


Ten years ago, Fernando Corona (Murcof), Rubén Tamayo (Fax) and myself traveled to México City to play at a night club called Colmillo (Versalles 49).