STA033 | Microesfera | Maxi EP

Static Discos is proud to release Microesfera‘s self-titled maxi-EP. Buenos Aires minimalists Microesfera return with six tracks that explore the strange world of haunted techno with dreams, abandoned houses and kids with psychic abilities. Six tracks of straight up tech-house that are finely tuned with sharp detail and foreboding intensity. Microesfera are influential electronic music artists since 1999 in their home of Buenos Aires Argentina and have previously released music on Static Discos, Japan’s Mule Electronic and own their own imprint Droop Discos. The EP was composed by Alejandro Amo and Ramiro Larraín. Microesfera is now Ramiro Larraín. The self-titled Maxi-EP was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina and mastered in Mexicali, México by Rubén A. Tamayo (Fax).


Microesfera – “Maxi-EP (STA033)”
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