David Last’s Pocket Pet.

We asked our Americano and dear friend producer David Last, who recently relocated from Brooklyn to Denver, to talk about his contribution as Pocket Pet, the track HeightSpaces, to our Residual Stock compilation.

Why did you make it?

It was made to be played live for beautiful people in the mountains. To give them the best possible sunrise experience. Pure emotional escapism.

What was happening in your life at the time of producing the track?

I was in a hotel room at night, doing “for hire” corporate work: audio/video support for a conference. At that time corporate work was hurting my soul; I have since made a resolution to live outside of that system.

What is the concept behind the track?

The vocal is from a friend in Tokyo who, herself, works in the corporate world. She’s a genius and makes great music but rarely has the time to produce tracks because of her work. The concept was to create a track with a slow grinding groove, but also to create an abstract pop song. It sounds like pop, there are beats, chords, a voice. But the voice is so heavily chopped, filtered and distorted that, even for Japanese, it’s impossible to hear the lyrics. The lyrics are about waiting for a subway train in the city, and wondering “why should I go to work?”

So, to me, the track is about taking an unhappy way of living, corporate/office work, and converting it to an abstract and gorgeous experience. Positivity instead of the short sighted nihilism of business.

Are you happy with the track itself?


What activity do you recommend when listening to this track?

Driving at night. Or cleaning the house.

What is your other favorite track from Residual Stock, besides yours, and why?

Fax’s Impala, because I grew up in the 80s and I have a place in my heart for arpeggiated synths and beautiful music.

Listen to Pocket Pet’s “HeightSpaces” below or download it with the rest of Residual Stock.

Original picture of David Last taken by Filip Wolak.

Pocket Pet – “HeightSpaces” by Residual Stock

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