Machino talks.

We talked with Machino (Ramón Daniels) a bit about his transformation from screamo to electro to techno and also about his new release on Static Discos, Pollux. As part of a loose collective and new generation of bedroom techno producers, Machino is one of the most visible electronic music producers in the Tijuana and San Diego region.

I remember your screaming in your band Mae Machino and then playing bombastic electro as a DJ with Loud Noises. At what moment did you decide to make techno, a more subtle form of music.
I got really into the simple, quiet and unknown sounds. For me it just clicked and felt like less is more and that was the road that I had to take.

I have seen you guys (Al-B, Martell, Ivan Kim) start a very grass roots small movement of techno between the border. Was this something you guys planned or did it happen organically?
It just happened. With Ivan Kim we both played in similar bands before. And with Al-B and Martell we share a really deep connection in music.

The tracks on your first EP for Static Discos are some of your earlier tracks, how have you progressed since then?
I think I got cleaner sound now and at the same time a more experimental and downtempo sound but all still in a minimal techno-ish kinda way.

Dance music is everywhere now, especially in the pop charts. What do you think makes techno still an underground phenomenon?
I think because it shows deeper emotions, sometimes dark and sometimes kinda crazy. As oppose to pop music that is made in a superficial and sometimes cheesy way.

Your brother is also a musician. Is there anybody else in your family who is a musician?. What was the environment that enabled you guys to start making music?
My grandfather was a musician and his brothers were too, so I guess that influenced in a way. Our environment was kinda chaotic so that started us to be creative in different ways specially in making sounds.

Machino‘s debut EP is out now and you can download it here.

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