Machino + Al-b @ AMF2011

New Static Discos proteges Machino and Al-B will play at the upcoming All My Friends Music Festival 2011 in Tijuana, on September the 17th. We asked Marty Preciado, the festival’s organizer, a couple of questions in regards to inviting a couple of techno producers to an almost rock and roll festival.

So why where a couple of techno producers invited to the rock and roll party?
Marty: Along their short career we have seen how these two kids have grown in their search for a sound of their own, which has made them key pieces in the Tijuana electronic music scene. It was natural to invite them to a festival that celebrates and shares this vision of producing music independently and to show it to the world.

Is there hope for Techno music in México?
Marty: Of course there is hope while these young musicians keep producing, creating and manifesting all the capacity they have shown. For AMF2011 it’s very important to do an account of Tijuana’s sound scenery. At the same time we are able to show the key players in Tijuana’s techno scene, which has always been on the cutting edge of music in México.

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