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We spoke with Macario (Mauricio Urbina), who until recently we only knew through a remix he did for Blacmale and a demo track tucked at the end of a mixtape Cubenx did for Static Discos a few years ago. Forward into the future and Macario has now released his debut EP on Static Discos, “My Own”. We asked him a few things.

If Macario started as a character in a Hip Hop radio program, how did he end up making techno and electro pop music?
That is a good question, but I would ask how I ended up doing a Hip Hop radio program? Although the idea of Macario was more “ghetto”, I always liked to combine the beats of Hip Hop with more melodic sounds. Soul and RnB have always been favorites of mine.

What other stuff inspires you?
Friends, the city where I live. Even though I am not a beach person, the sunsets in Puerto Vallarta during summer and autumn are beautiful. I enjoy the beach more at night with friends and beers. I lived in Uruapan (Michoacan) until I was18, that city’s proximity to the forest also inspired me. The forest, friends, beer and music.

Is there a healthy rivalry between you and your brother (electronic music producer Cubenx)? Do you complement each other out?
That is a difficult question. It’s strange, but I always felt a little under the shadow of my brother in regards to music. It’s a very strange relationship we have when it comes to music. Outside of it, it is very good and equal. I’m the one always saying “stop partying, save money, etc”, even though I’m younger, but I’m always looking for his well being (laughs). Musically I admire him a lot, not because he is my brother, but because everytime I hear something of his I always get surprised. I love his sound and his way of composing. He is a great example for me and I don’t feel any rivalry towards him, it’s totally the other way around, I ask him for tips on how to create music and sounds. And also, many of the things I listen to come directly from him.

Macario songs are about a lot of personal “issues”, is that the only way you get them out in the open?
Yeah, I suppose. I’m also a little anxious and in some part of my life I was given a lot of tranquilizers, which became my friends. But I think I am ok now (laughs).

Are you happy with your first release? What would you do better next time?
Yes, a lot, and very happy with Static Discos, I never thought it would happen the way it did. For the next recording, I will try to be more organized when I record. “My Own” was a mess when mixing and mastering. I will try and be more focused next time I produce, musically and specially when naming things by their correct name, I am the type that goes “this goes with that and that goes with the synthy thingamajig” (laughs).

Macario’s debut EP is out now and you can download it here.

Macario also contributed a mixtape for the Mexican music website

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