Macario’s days.

We asked Macario, Puerto Vallarta’s Mauricio Urbina, to talk about Algunos Días Son Largos his contribution to our Residual Stock compilation.

Why did you make it?

I was experimenting with some sounds, had a lot free time by those days, so I was just improvising with the software and playing with an omnidirectional microphone just for fun.

What was happening in your life at the time of producing the track?

I had just moved to Mexico City, I was staying at a friend’s place, with not job, was the end of February, really cold, had all the free time in the day, and didn’t knew a lot of people there. I felt really nice exploring a new place, and felt quite affected by the change of being always near the beach with lots of sun, to be surrounded by buildings in very cold city. I think i was feeling “happily bored”.

What is the concept behind the track?

I was listening lots of Casino Versus Japan in that moment, and as I said before, was feeling really hard and deep the change of city, but I enjoyed that, I wanted to do something slow, something long and melodic.

Are you happy with the track itself?

Yes, as it starts, it takes me to those days.

What activity do you recommend when listening to this track?

Well, If you feel like tired or stressed for any reason like job hunting or waiting a lot for something nice to happen … with a cold beer you will enjoy it as much as i did! hahahahaha.

What is your other favorite track from Residual Stock, besides yours, and why?

I love the bass in Kampion’s track Moscomonoblock, the track is really nice, I like a lot that kind of rhythms.The compilation it’s great, it offers different styles and sounds. But this one got all of my attention.

Listen to Macario‘s “Algunos días son largos” below or download it with the rest of Residual Stock.

Macario – “Algunos Días Son Largos” by Residual Stock

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