We asked Kampion, México City’s Guillermo Guevara and ex-member of Duopandamix, to talk about Moscomonoblock, his contribution to our Residual Stock compilation.

Why did you make it?

I was about to perform at the FMEL 2008 in Chicago and I wanted to play something new. It was the last track I produced with ProTools.

What was happening in your life at the time of producing the track?

The name of the track came out from a private joke between drummer Yamil Rezc and me in Queretaro, where we were playing at a rock festival in the summer of 2008, a couple of weeks before FMEL.

What is the concept behind the track?

I started playing with those voice samples and it turned out well with the deep bass line. I think that some elements of dub have existed in all my music projects, sometimes subtle and others more explicit. The track is clearly influenced by some “bass music” and dubstep at that time.

Are you happy with the track itself?


What activity do you recommend when listening to this track?

Squash, driving, construction work.

What is your other favorite track from Residual Stock, besides yours, and why?

Maybe Barrio White by Alvaro Ruiz. Funky as hell, beautiful layers of sound and stunning production skills.

Listen to Kampion‘s “Moscomonoblock” below or download it with the rest of Residual Stock.

Kampion – “Moscomonoblock” by Residual Stock

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