Fonogram returns.

Vicente García Landa returns with a new Fonogram album on The Land Of label. His new recording is a limited CDR with silkscreen cover artwork by Kimberly Hall. Fonogram had previously released his debut recording, Early Works & Collaborations, on Static Discos’ subsidiary Cyan label.

The Land Of’s press release on Fonogram’s new release says “Vicente, an audiovisual artist and experimental musician based in Mexico City was one half of One Second Bridge who released a self-titled record through City Centre Offices in 2006 to widespread critical acclaim. As Fonogram, Vicente takes a more abstract and almost visual approach to his compositions. If these tracks were visual works, the balance between abstraction and realism would change between each work but each of them would represent a very particular world in themselves. It’s about the relationship between one’s own space and interior world, and the exterior, particularly, the city. The album is very much a subjective experience, introspective, but every track is inspired by a particular place and time”.

fonogram – album preview by the land of

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