Crespo talks.

We talked with Federico Crespo about his newest release on Static Discos, the EP2. Previously, Crespo released a first EP with our label last year. We spoke with Crespo about creating music under the influence of love and nostalgia and about finding musical scenes where his music can fit in his México City home.

What was happening around you when the tracks for EP2 were created?
I had recently returned from Montreal to México City, maybe six months or more, but my head was still over there. The first EP had just come out and I was just getting feedback for it, something that had never happened to something I had created.

During the time of production I lived through certain personal experiences and hardships, maybe that is why there is some sense of nostalgia, sadness and distance that permeates the recordings. I was working and experiencing those emotions at the same time. I was filled with emotion of returning to México City and rediscovering it. Maybe that is where the happy moments from the recordings come from, a very bitter and sweet situation. Sitting down and trying to land my emotions in a very abstract level helped me to understand and to reflect over what I was living. If not at the moment, at least now in retrospect.

Making music, is it more difficult than expressing love for someone?
To a certain point, making music has been an expression of love, to life and to the moments we live every day, having the possibility of creating and sharing. And of course this applies to persons as well. That is the difference between making music and expressing love towards someone by other means is just a consequence of form and quality.

What can we expect for your next recordings?
More beats and less jams.

Will you continue with the trend of naming songs by sequential numbers?
No, that ends with the EP2.

Does Federico Crespo belong to a music scene in México City? Are there any current electronic music scenes where you play?
I don’t think my music has ever been part of a scene per se. In reality the word scene is very tiresome for me to understand, it implies to “act” and at the same time to “exclude”. Ironically I think that things could work better in a more organic matter. Maybe that is why I am not part of any scene. There are certainly people that organize electronic music parties in México City, but I really do not know if what I do relates to what they do. I don’t think we should be that far apart. I would love to know the “scene” a bit better. Mainly to meet persons and exchange ideas, if anything.

Federico Crespo‘s new EP is out now and you can download it here.

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