Fax’s Impala.

We asked FAX, Mexicali’s Rubén A. Tamayo, to talk about Impala his contribution to our Residual Stock compilation.

Why did you make it?

Because I was told to. A special track for a special release.

What was happening in your life at the time of producing the track?

Christmas. Winter in the desert. A cold studio but with warmth in my heart.

What is the concept behind the track?

Nothing in particular. I just poured what I was feeling at that moment. It’s a very luminous track that takes you through a savannah. Bouncy as an Impala.

Are you happy with the track itself?

Yes, for a three hour’s work. And with the good feedback I’ve received, I am very satisfied with the result.

What activity do you recommend when listening to this track?

Earphones. In bed. But I think that my music works better while you drive. The car’s windshield gives you that cinematic frame that Impala needs.

What is your other favorite track from Residual Stock, besides yours, and why?

All of them!. In detail I love Al-B’s track because of its paused rhythm, takes time to build up, grows slowly and requires full attention. Pure origami. I also love Pocket Pet’s funky and nasty track, very urban, maybe. I also like Kampion’s chilango-bass, God how I miss Duopandamix. And Federico Crespo’s track, wow!, big melodies for a beach without sand and just sun.

Listen to FAX‘s “Impala” below or download it with the rest of Residual Stock.

Fax – “Impala” by Residual Stock

or watch the accompanying video below:

FAX picture by Héctor Barreto.

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