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Cubenx got the blues

We missed totally that Cubenx had released an EP on Berlin’s Organic Music late last year. The For The Blues EP contains three new Cubenx

Machino EP release party

Machino will have a release party this coming 18 of January 2013 at El Tinieblo, a Tijuana cantina with mean mezcal thrills and next to

Tumbia remix for Sánchez Dub.

San José’s Turbo Sonidero Futurístico came back to us with a late remix for Sanchez Dub’s “Where Are All The People?” EP that we released


Back in the late 90´s before Seekers Who Are Lovers and Antiguo Autómata Mexicano, Ángel Sánchez Bórges was Slowmotionlove. Alongside Ricardo Castro and Rod Rob,

Microesfera Live

Gorgeous live ambient set from Microesfera, recorded on May 27th 2011 at La Cúpula in Argentina. Microesfera will play live again at La Cúpula this coming

Kobol’s “Centipede”

Kobol’s new album, Centipede, will be released in early 2013. The LA based duo’s new album is a leap forward from their previous output on

New Machino EPs

Machino has recently released a new couple of EP’s through MiniGroove Records. Both EPs are both now available through Beatport. The first EP is called

Microesfera’s ghosts

Microesfera has been quite active since his last release on Static Discos. So far Ramiro De La Cruz Larrain has released a couple EP’s on the Mischievous

FAX’s “Circles” gets remixed

FAX latest album gets the remix treatment from friends and family of Static Discos, including Microesfera, Loopdrop, Pocket Pet and Antiguo Autómata Mexicano. The remix

The Circles of FAX

FAX’s new album is available now through the SEM Label in France.

To Eleven One Louder says:

It all ads up to what’s an unconscious retro feeling

Static Radio Theme Song

Back in June 2002, Robert Proco and myself started what has become the longest electronic music radio program in the Tijuana and San Diego region: