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We talked to Antiguo Autómata Mexicano (AAM), the one man project by Ángel Sánchez Borges on the eve of his newest release for Static Discos, Surspacea. For the past six years, AAM has released some of México’s most challenging electronic music, a style that shifts between minimal techno, noise, glitch, kraut rock and experimentation. Ángel talks passionately about the sound aesthetics behind Surspacea and of the contributions by outside remixers to his AAM project.

What is Surspacea?

Surspaces is the space where we transit in concrete, not the exterior of space but the place of our all trajectories, the space of what is ours, the space of everything that helps to find ourselves. It is a neologism that has a correlative in the french word Sur Space, over the space.

AAM is constantly evolving. What does Surspacea reflect at this moment?

In principle it reflects that AAM is a project that determines itself, truthfully I never think where I am headed, it has been an autonomous transit, from the noise and glitchy rhythms of my first two albums to the electronic rock of the last two. Ángel Sánchez Borges is something very different from AAM, and I feel that the project has a lot to do with my own personal reflections, trying to find what is it that determines the project once I board it. Because of this I can’t accept certain things that the project itself might demand, so I contain it, but suddenly I find references that include what I personally desire and what I believe it could be capable of offering. AAM is more and more a shared project and less controlled from my own political sound prejudices or personal taste.

It seems that AAM references the past, what about the future?

The references are not there because they are from the past, but because they are themes that I believe are embedded in AAM’s origins. I already did albums that refer my taste for German rock of the 70’s and now I talk about Mexican Progressive Rock (MPR) because it is also a statement of resistance that always exists in my music. The MPR is a scene that started in México at the end of the 70’s and through most of the 80’s, thanks to an independent attitude that did not exist in the imaginary collective nor in the aesthetics of the general record music market.

Hipsters in the 90’s or 00’s don’t have any idea that in México existed bands like Nazca or La Banda Elástica, that reached a high level of musical creativity and went for a sound that modern musicians today in México will never be able to reach. These are problems that can’t be contextualized the way they were before, nor we must forget that those bands produced records and created a musical career in the middle of a void! This is the part of the present that I want to show in my political aesthetical play, because I do not know if we are at the end of the problem or if we as Mexican musicians have remained in this void.

Since I started AAM the future is precisely the music of AAM and I think that I am finally able to convert my analysis of sound discourse and my discontent with the cultural practices of the present into a much more emotional music that also projects itself further than before; does the body rules the mind or does the mind rules the body… I don´t know.

What do the remixers of the tracks of Surspacea contribute to the AAM project?

SLZR opted to make their own version of Speed, and this makes sense because I have always loved noise, they synthesize the track and take it to a point of substitution of the electronic to the electric, from the programming to the live session. Andrés Bucci also focuses Surspacea on a space that I have also been involved with, the ambient side of things and the My Bloody Valentie-esque plane that has always characterized my music. The Walter Schmidt remix is also kind of a game, a reference to his techno-pop past, as he reduces the most danceable track of Surspacea, Disco Guilty, into a porno version of it.

Antiguo Automata Mexicano‘s Surspacea EP is out now and you can download it here.

Listen to the mixtape of Mexican Krautrock and prog compiled by AAM for Afterpop.tv below. An interview with Ángel Sánchez Borges is also available at Afterpop.tv (In Spanish).

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