AAM’s Optimale.

AAM just sent us a video for the track Optimale, included in Surspacea, his most recent recording. The video is a beautiful collage of spacious images rendered as a deep and subversive head trip about AAM’s hometown of Monterrey in northern México. AAM’s Ángel Sánchez Borges explains that the video wanted to relay “the cosmos to the desert and viceversa. These were images from a VJ set I did for a poetic Western about Monterrey that never came to be. I reconstructed them for the Surspacea EP and this is the result. Optimale is a track with sounds that have a lot to do with my environment. The video is about, abstractly, something that I’ve always had in my head, the fact that I’ve never wanted to talk or reference Monterrey in my own music, while at the same time this intention remains …”

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