D2 || Zemi17 || The Bunker NY || Brooklyn, US

Necklace Nebula

I know this might sound a little silly and random but… Have you heard of the KonMari method? Well, I am not endorsing it, I have not even done it myself but, it was an influence on how this mix came to be. The book is called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. My partner followed this book when she was moving out of her apartment and trying to pair down her things. To overly simplify the method from the book, you essentially look at everything you own one by one and ask yourself if it “sparks joy” or really just speaks to you — if it doesn’t you let it go.

So when I sat down to make this mix, I was looking at a sea of 1000s of tracks, like I used to look at mountains of records in crates. I felt overwhelmed, I felt like my partner looked when she had a huge pile of clothes taking over the entire living room — which is why the KonMari method jumped into my mind.

One morning, I began to thumb through tracks picking random ones out that I remembered fondly — maybe I made them and they recalled a time in my life, a beautiful night or place – maybe they just conjured an emotion or mode within. Basically I asked myself, does this track speak to me – does it spark joy or conjure a space within me.

I separated those tracks out, giving myself only an hour to sort, so that I did not over indulge and that only the ones that really stuck out made it on the list.

I ended up with with about 3 hours worth of music, 35 or so tracks — tempos all over the place, several genres and lots of moods with several tracks from my past and my friends and peers. I pared down a little mixing tracks I did not think to be compatible to a mix and then laid out the remaining 25 like paints on a pallet and just went for it. There was no plan, just one track informing the next. I let myself make emotional decisions — both in sorting out what would be on the mix and how the mix would flow. Consciously choosing to have these emotional decisions rule this mix is what I think gave it the character that it has. As I played it back on repeat for the rest of the day, it conjured images of dreamy joy and memories – often breaking my linear patterns of thought allowing my thoughts to creatively drift. I hope it does the same for all who listen to it.

Tracklist || Title, Artist, Album (if known)

1 – Unsold Knapsack Soul Picnic, Stellar Chic Duo, The Soothing Sounds from the end of the waste world
2 – Mini Pulse, Zemi17, not released from the Liveset AlmBerlinMimpi 2004
3 – Looprode, Doctor Rockit, The Unnecessary History Of Doctor Rockit
4 – The Continuum of Memory, Zemi17, not released from the Liveset Boom Festival 2012
5 – Ionized, Monolake, Cinemascope
6 – Rangda, Patrick Russell remix of Zemi17, The Bunker Remixes
7 – MAS, Wolf + Lamb, WL014
8 – Homing Beacon, Extrawelt, Schone neue Extrawelt
9 – E4, Clay Wilson, The Bunker New York 002
10 – Baby Kate, Sascha Funke remix of Heartthrob, Baby Kate Remixes
11 – Debolff, Gerber, NA
12 – Oasis, Peter Dundov, NA
13 – Rib Cage, Dubfire, NA
14 – Cirta, Romans, Valere Aude
15 – Rekall, Plastikman, Artifakts
16 – Trickles in the Dark, Zemi17, Zipper EP
17 – In Wearable Hertz, Leisure Muffin (violin by Elizabeth Warren), The Bunker New York 001
18 – Stylospace5, Dok Gregory, Stylobounces
19 – LUX, Nicolas Jaar remix of Brain Eno, Brain Eno x Nicolas Jaar x Grizzly Bear

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