Ynfynyt Scroll


Each Other || Ynfynyt Scroll || Putivuelta || Bogota / NY

Moving to Colombia from New York really warped my sensibilities as a DJ. I’d been so used to playing sets that in no way mentioned or were restricted by genre while living in NYC, almost to the point of being ridiculous. When I moved to Bogotá, though, I realized people were putting genre names in all the fliers. DJs here stick to those genres religiously, and the audience, in turn, comes to your night expecting to hear certain things. At first I completely rejected this notion, but over time I realized that if you could convince a crowd to accept what you were playing, even though it wasn’t precisely what they came there specifically to hear, you were breaking new ground.

The need to approach some sort of musical universality was what informed this mix, which wasn’t made with any kind of class consciousness or political message or avant garde intention. If you can get 8 completely random people in a room and make them all dance, regardless of their tastes, you’re a good DJ. My only rules were to play tracks that sound good at 118bpm and don’t think about it that much.

Sometimes music should be ignorant. Or at the very least make us act in ignorant ways. It kinda feels like sometimes DJs are just trying to get really deep with it when someone commissions a mix from them, but sometimes it’s honestly just not that deep. So get your roommate that you have mad tension with or your partner that you feel like is getting sick of you, or your tía that’s been staying with you or your roommate’s boyfriend that ‘hates rap’ or something and turn on some colored lights, gather the cheapest liquor you can find, the loudest speakers you can get your hands on, and perrear denso for 1:05:05.

This mix is dedicated to my dear friend Denisse Mancera- og

Artwork: Eunice Suárez (surevi_)

1. alexisyfidoxkingdoudou – abssys flip
2. Kid Cala – Toco
3. El Alfa – A Caco Pelao
4. Bizzey x Yung Felix x Josylvio – Badman Ollo ft. 3Robi
5. Bad Bunny – Yo Perreo Sola (Minost Project Hype Remix)
6. Afro B ft. Wizkid – Drogba (Joanna) [DJ T Marq x DJ Merks Remix]
7. S!RENE – Joanna Toast
8. Rema – Dumebi – Rody G edit
9. Mina;Bryte – One Leg
10. DjVivaEdit – Lil Baby – Drip Too Hard (DjVivaEdit Dembow Intro+Outro)
11. Ynfynyt Scroll – Bad Bubbling
12. MC Krakaka – Krakaka (BIGGI x Gualtiero RMX)
13. Manco the Sound – Siento
14. Henkie T ft. Jonna Fraser – DomDoen (Rody G Remix)
15. DJ Flex & Wizkid – Joro Afrobeat (Zanku Vibes)
16. Ms Nina – Rico Rico
17. El Mayor – Vibrador (DjVivaEdit Dembow)
18. AlCol ft Steves J Bryan – Ouve Kow Kale Kow Refix (V.DJ)
19. DJ FLY & TMT SOUND Feat Ebony Empress – Blocké
20. Dj Lenny & Capleton ( Mana name )
21. Black Bear – Wheh You Want It
22. Freezy – Split in Di Middle
23. djturnitup (Rody G edit)
24. Dany Mouse – Para Abajo
26. LaBoK – Hell on Wheels
27. Cuyo – Punto 40000
28. DJ Pepo – Me Encanta Chupar
29. Look Back At It (DjTray Remix)
30. Toda Remix – DJ 809 x DJ Merks
31. Si Se – Dj 809 x Dj Twinz
32. Es Un Secreto (BBM Remix)
33. Kilbourne – Muévelo
34. @Cueheat x @DJSlim_ - VETE
35. DJ Yolo Bear – Make U Touch My