1. Ñaka Ñaka Dimension Transition
Dimension II-Transition-4

T4 | Ñaka Ñaka | Recording Artist at Opal Tapes | Mexico City

This mix is a mesh of ideas I’ve been working on in the past couple of months; I’ve presented some sort of variation of this in my most recent gigs here in NY.

This set also marks for me a new way of presenting my sounds; before my sets were a series of tracks which had a marked beginning and end, transitioning with freeform interludes. The reason being was simply because I didn’t know how to group different sessions and didn’t have the patience to sort them out at a same tempo. I’m pretty rudimentary in regards to recording techniques and learn as I go. So discovering how to make a seamless set was a pleasant revelation.

Thanks to Oscar for inviting me to take part of this series. eñjoy.