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Red Spider Nebula

Bryan from The Bunker in New York has consistently encouraged me over the years, before anyone gave a fuck. He also introed me to his friends from Detroit, who also made an impact on my life.

In December, Bryan invited me to play with Magda and Mike Servito — two more peeps who have also given me a tremendous support on my (acid) trip.

I am a live performer, that is my jam and what I do when asked to play a party. I bring gear from my studio, make up a set on the spot and work to elevate the party. DJing is a different art form, I respect those blessed with that talent and have always made pilgrimages to experience exceptional artists in that craft.

So, for the Bunker party I got this idea…which my buddy BMG from Ectomorph helped to enable when we were recording in my studio in Berlin last year. I told BMG I did some edits of my fave tracks from back in the day, and he took a minute to sit my ass down and school me on more dope shit I better include, immediately.

Thanks, Brendan!

What you have here, is a recording of something unique that I did if for The Bunker party in Brooklyn that night. Half live set, featuring my modular and all the usual shit I bring, but with the added twist of me mixing in my edits of artists that inspire me to party.

NASA/ESA: Hubble Space Telescope