D2 || STL || Something || Harz • DE

Egg Nebula

I made this mix on a relaxed rainy day and without preparing anything before. As usual when I want to do a podcast mix, I go down into my basement where I have my record vinyl collection and turntables. On this session a CD Player and my Field Recorder has been used too, as some more creative additions to add some subtle FX & atmospheres and personal recordings, and to feed the third channel on my DJ mixer. However, the mix has developed to be a little trip after all, including not only peak time matter. Since I am not really DJing a lot and am more a production head, this mix is probably not perfectly executed in usual manner and perfect technique—but dunno—somehow it is more enjoyable for me personally, to take a few risks and capture authentic moments, instead of driving a sure thing.

I hope some good vibes comes across and can give listeners a good feel after all.


NASA/ESA: Hubble Space Telescope