Sophia Loizou


 D1 || Sophia Loizou || Kathexis || Bristol • UK

Dumbbell Nebula

I created this mix to represent a space where many worlds constantly interact with each other. Where the electronic landscapes merge, morph and at times collide. I wanted to capture the essence of intensely different realities reacting to each other in new ways, sometimes beautiful and sometimes on the verge of collapse, but ever changing.

NASA/ESA: Hubble Space Telescope


Sophia Loizou – Genesis ‘92: The Awakening
Francis Dhomont – Phonurgie
Peder Mannerfelt – Limits to Growth
Weightausend – Green Death
Gilles Gobeil – La Ville Machine
Paul Jebanasam – search another 3Hφ ̇ = lose you i), place i=0 doubt I V (φ)
am ∝ exp( √ 16π to meet you again pm2 P φ
Jack Colwell – The End: (Roly Porter Remake)
Zomby X Burial – Sweetz
Wallwork & Tsvi feat. Nico Lindsay – Facts
Zora Jones – Too Many Tears
Eric Holm – Column
Shalt – Acheron (Mesh Remix)
Wwwings – Ashes
Last Japan feat AJ Tracey – Ascend (Silk Road Assassins Remix)
Thomas Koner – Novaya Zemlya 3
Denis Smalley – Valley Flow
Lakeway – Remove You
QBig & Zenith B – White Lines
Brian Eno – Shadow
Nire – Hopscotch feat Nani Castle & Nini Rey (Tony Quattro Remix)
Chris Watson – Song
FIS – CMB Inna
Sophia Loizou – Data Rain
Lotic – Rewound
Ena & Flxk1 – B2
Hildegard Westerkamp – Beneath the Forest Floor
Shapednoise – Enlightenment feat Justin K Broadrick
Leaf – Money (TryBoi Remix)
Chris Watson – Cracking Viscera
Zuli – Dr Beckett
Rabit & Dedekind Cut – R D-iv