Patrick Russell & Nihal Ramchandani


D3 || Patrick Russell & Nihal Ramchadani || Interdimensional Transmissions // The Bunker NY || Brooklyn • US

Crab Nebula

Nihal: Patrick and I talk about records frequently and have a deep familiarity with each other’s tastes. I took a stack of records over to his home studio one night, records that have held some significance for us through years of listening and discussion. He dug the pool of tracks I brought to the table, and we spent the following days tweaking the selections before he mixed and recorded the final result. The records on this mix signpost some of the different zones we love, woven together in a meaningful way for us. We hope it sticks with you, and thanks for taking the time to listen.

Patrick: Nihal and I have been excited to collaborate on a mix for some time now, as our tastes align quite often but so far only have a handful of DJ sets to show for it. This podcast was the perfect opportunity to flesh out some mutual ideas that wouldn’t normally work on a dance floor, and taking inspiration from a cassette/mixtape style we gravitated toward a particular aesthetic and approach, aiming for a final product that’s cohesive and unfolds over time.

I hope you like the outcome.



Tonto – Building the Pyramid
Art Alfie – Mariasahara
Dome – Airmail
Asmus Tietchens – Betablocker
Monoton – Batacuda79
Ra.H – Spacepops
Laurie Spiegel – Drums
Disjecta – Vistic
Jeff Mills – Allen
Salò Mentale – The Widow
Drexciya – Living on The Edge
Adonis Presents Hieroglyphic Being – Residue
Suicide – Tough Guy
Mo – Whisper Not
5x0D – Negativ Terminal Data
Carlos Peron – Et
BFC – Static Friendly
Traktor – Traktor Artists
Mint – Edeltrance
Stephen Mallinder – Cool Down

NASA/ESA: Hubble Space Telescope