D1 || Nine || Left Hand Path // Surface Tension || San Francisco • US

Boomerang Nebula

Nine is a new project from Nihar Bhatt, co-founder (with Chris Zaldua) of the Left Hand Path record label and member of the San Francisco based Surface Tension collective:

This mix was an experiment in a new style of set for me. I’ve chosen some of my favorite tracks of the moment and weaved them together with a live hardware performance. I am happy with the result and hope others find it to be a satisfying experience as well.

This was composed during the final days and immediate aftermath of the 2016 US election. It is a meditation on exploitation, oppression and despair, all things that operate on us in different ways all of the time. I don’t believe that despair is equivalent to failure or hopelessness. We have to accept how lost our world is to get into the right frame of mind to effect it, or even navigate it. This is part of the appeal that dark and emotive music has always had for me, and this mix is a tribute to all of those ideas, sounds, events and people that have moved me in this direction over the years.

Vocal samples by Nine, The Creatrix, Arundhati Roy and Eqbal Ahmad


Nine – Intro
Nine – Interlude 1
Jeff Mills – The Advent
Nine – Interlude 2
Tackle – AGR
Nine – Interlude 3
C.L.A.W.S. – Nightstalking (Forthcoming Left Hand Path)
Nine – Interlude 4
The Creatrix – Ionosphere (Forthcoming No-Tech)
Nine – Interlude 5
Yantra – 360 (Electronic Breakout Mix)
Nine – Interlude 6
Antigone + Francois X – The Hated SZ
Nine – Outro

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