MS18 || LDS || Transatlantic / Subwax BCN || Stuttgart • DE

When Oscar contacted me and told me his vision on this mix-series, I was really flashed about the idea. Recording a mix that should light people up? How inspiring! Firstly he wanted me to do a mix that represents my own productions. Fast cold techno. It was so hard for me to do it this way, keeping in mind it should be something emotional. My definition of Techno is the opposite of emotions. It’s music from space, the language of an alien species. Aliens don’t have something human, and so neither their music. That’s why I love Techno so, so much music! But emotions? They are so earthly! So organic!

I told Oscar my problem and asked him to give me the freedom I need to realize my vision. He totally understood me and strengthened me and my approach. Now there is a mix, that emotionally means a lot to me, my girlfriend and even our little baby!

We listened to many of the tracks many times – I just cannot describe it in another way than pure, pure, deep love. That and not less was the requirement for every single track of the mix. So there we go! My contribution to Dimension Series! An hour full of our beloved ambient music!

Much love