Earthen Sea


MS10 || Earthen Sea || Silent Season // Kranky  || NY • US

This mix explores/combines a few different musical elements I have been interested in/inspired by/seeking out (for listening and in terms of my own musical creations) as of late….namely entrancing soundspace, creative percussion, sparseness/spareness of musical material and the human voice… Also I find it interesting to piece music together that I find to be related/similar that is made by people from all over the world and under various/different (supposed) “genres”… it may still be an ideal thought but it seems to me the power of music is that it is something that can be a bridge between people of all different backgrounds….you don’t need to understand the words (if there are words) or even the intention of what/why/how it was made… if the sound hits you it hits you and that spirit can be shared across language/border/etc and it can help to open people up to see that those things are small hurdles compared to what we all can share as humans…

Hope you enjoy it!