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Planetary Nebula

The mix was done thinking about songs that can take away one from any moment and transport them to the feeling of said song. It was done with an intent of letting each song take the listener into the songs world and showcasing the song rather than a thought on mixing multiple songs together.

The songs all represent a mood of their own, becouse every song for me is very atmospheric and moody. The mix was done during very moody, rainy and unsatisfying days, but these songs transcend that.

This mix is meant for a personal listen on a long train ride looking out the window more so than before a party on a weekend evening. This mix was made in mind thinking of Alex and Kate.


Daft punk – something about us
Mixmaster Morris – space is the place
Aphellion – click
Lucky & easy – stolipon
Reload – amenity a side
The arc – something wonderful
Mystery – mystery one
Robert Leiner – full moon ritual
Ether – rain eternal
Vince Watson – signals
Norken – motor breeze
Dwig – from here to there

NASA/ESA: Hubble Space Telescope