David Dicembre


D7 || David Dicembre || Sound Garden || Tokyo • JP

Orion Nebula

This year marked the 5th year of the Sound Garden parties in Tokyo, the ambient events with Chris and Jerome and myself. Throughout these years we have been exploring other sides of electronic that might not find their place into the clubs.

I have learned and discovered so much through them, our guests and friends. So I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone.

I made the mix reflecting on those years, with old and new favourites of mine… I selected more than 9 hours of music for this, stripped the selection to make some kind of a narration that shifted through moods, eras and styles.

It was recorded at my place on a cold winter night.

This mix couldn’t exit without Sound Garden, so I would like to dedicate this to Chris and Jerome.

Looking forward to continue doing this with all, and to more music and friendship.


Global communication – 4 02
Vangelis – Dr Tyrell’s Owl
DJ Sprinkles – 09 Grand Central, Pt. II (72 Hrs. by Rail from Missouri)
Gigi Masin – Talk To The Sea
Suso Saiz – Un Hombre Obscuro
Laraaji – I Am Ocean
Autechre – Nine
36 – Statis Eject
Alexandroid- For After
Terre Thaemlitz – 040468
Qubism – Angels In T:me
Gas – Discovery
jonathan fitoussi – Aquarius
Outer Space – The Planck Era
Caroline K – Chearth
Emeralds – Now You See Me
Parks – Lament

NASA/ESA: Hubble Space Telescope