MS17 || Coxone || Spazio Tempo || Paris • FR

The idea for this mix started around a handful of records I instantly connected together shortly after finding out about them earlier this year. Just like any music freak, I’m discovering new music every day, but as a DJ it’s difficult to connect everything together when you’re trying to present a collection of tracks in a coherent way. This time it wasn’t difficult: with these few tracks as the foundation, it was easy to then go through my hard drive and finding others that could fit with them in a mix. Old tracks I’d never played, a new track that had only just come out… it all just came together naturally.

Sometimes it doesn’t work like that, but sometimes it does. And when you’re having doubts about what exactly you’re doing and where you’re going with this music thing, you get a real confidence boost when things come together perfectly and you manage to create something that is meaningful to you. The same goes when you’ve thrown a good party, had a huge crowd and everyone had fun, or when you had a really great time behind the booth at a gig and made people dance. It’s important to always remember these moments to help you get through uncertain or difficult times, whether they’re directly music-related or not.