1. BD6-Irazu Dimension Mixtape
Dimension II-B6-Irazu

D6 | Irazu | Founder/Artist of Erszebet | Spain, ES

Electronic music hit me around 2006, when a friend of mine gave me some sessions of people like Dave Clarke, Surgeon and Oscar Mulero; Oscar’s session changed my life, I slowly discovered the complete tracklist until I realized I was interested and I liked each track, so I addressed more things on my own. I guess that is the way I realized I liked to select music more than just listen and dance to it.

The first time I saw Oscar Mulero will always be very important to me and I always remember Autechre in Monegros (2007), Aphex Twin at Fabric, or Dr. Smoke session in Madrid; I can’t remember a single bad session of Surgeon from all I’ve seen, and the first time I went to Berghain or Trouw in Amsterdam were incredible experiences. So, there are live acts and DJ sets that have impressed me, mesmerized and transported me to another location in surprising ways; Last year Cut Hands at Corsica in London was a unique experience …

There are artists like Donato Dozzy, Surgeon, Claudio PRC, Dino Sabatini, Edit Select, and Shifted, that I find very inspiring, there are other artists that have nothing to do with electronic music as Nick Cave, Duane Eddy, Roy Orbison, The Beatles, Swans, Boyd Rice, and Current 93. The list is very long, but they definitely have also been fundamental parts for me.

I like to photograph the places that seem unsophisticated or empty but I know I have a thousand details to watch, personal relationships and life experiences, transitions and changes. Everything that affects us emotionally, both negative and positively.
The depth …

I think I have learned how to warm up the night at a club and how it should evolve mainly from Enrique Mena, aka Svreca, when I knew him as a resident in Madrid.

The key to the meaning of a party for me were these warm-ups, just six hours are enough hours, starting with a drum and a certain power makes the dance pretty saturated, it is like telling a story every night, with its beginning and end. It is and will remain my favorite part of each night because the next is even more special, the night makes more sense, it is a ritual, that is how I like to call the nights of electronic music.

Everything is a ritual.

The mix for Jealous God was published long after it was made. Initially, it was intended to publish in the now disappeared blog from Sandwell District, WhereNext. It comes through the first time I met Karl, we brought him to a party in Madrid, we began to have a good relationship and when he came back he asked me to do it.

The idea was to make a tribute to them and their influences, at least the ones I know, that is how we became friends, talking about music, the selection was made thinking of them 100%. I have learned a lot from them because they are among my main influences, the music of Juan seems super deep and it is created with a very Rock and Roll spirit… his album impressed me very much; James is in a brutal stage making music, his latest EPs on Blue Print and Jealous God will be there for a long time…

Enrique Mena is another person from whom I have learned a lot, he is a very good friend, it is not a relationship of artist to artist, it is something more personal, I learn everything you can learn from a friend, but mostly I laugh a lot.

Erszebet Its something that is on the way, I do not have release dates or anything yet because it is in its first-phase and it is something that is almost only in my head. I know which artists and formats I want, but before I prefer to finish my studio, which is almost done, and invest on the label that I have in mind. Every detail must be carefully taken into account; the CD for Electronic Explorations is a statement of intent as how I would like to work on this label.

There are feelings, emotions, expressions and thoughts I always try to convey through the music that I play, everything depends on the time and place or time for this. For warm ups I try to create a labyrinth with music, a place to lose a little and make sense of what comes next, at the beginning I try to put something as deep as possible, with very sensitive moments or just the opposite, with some rage.

At first I wanted to evoke with this mix what a night at a club means to me, from the warm up to the end, with transitions, but for that you need to record for many hours and it is not the same being at home or in the car or anywhere else than in a club.

So I decided to record a Dimension that evoked more to a ritual and a faster transition with rising speed and finishing with something more focused at the end.

I hope you enjoy.



Thomas P. Heckmann – Ode to a Friend (edit)
Omonero & Joe Casagrande ‎- No Smoke
Edit Select – Survivors of pulse
Iori – Cut
Dino Sabatini – Terpsichore
Cassegrain – Taiga (Svreca Remix)
Deepbass – Orion (Ness Nebula Remix)
Polar Inertia – The Last Vehicle (François X Remix)
Dario Zenker – Mörsin
Yør – Unbennant
Joey Anderson – Maidens Response
Atom™ – L.T.B.C.Y.B.
Sterac – Rotary
Lewis Fautzi – Binary (Oscar Mulero Remix)
James Ruskin – Slit
Acronym – 16 Cygni
Answer Code Request – Thermal Capacity