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The Bubble Nebula

in a world filled with obstacles, music is more than a lifeline for me – it is everything. it’s shaped who i am as a human and led me down a path that i want to stay on for the rest of my life. for me, this mix marks something of a personal milestone, it represents moving into the next stage of your life when paranoia and self-doubt have been holding you back from realising who you are and being completely content with yourself.

that being said, this is an hour long mix filled with a gang of avant-garde shit that was recorded in my bedroom…

“some music you listen to with your ears. some with your mind; others with your body rythm. this music you will feel rather than listen to. it’s not ethnic, jazz, rock, concrete improvised or new age. it’s a cry.”


anthony manning – lipp four
monolake – offline
pub – in the meantime
world standard & haruomi hosono – montage: lonesome hobo-land
japan blues – 10,000 forgotten ghost stories
luis delgado – las reflexiones del califa (tabla)
john surman & jack dejohnette – mysterium
dva (hi:emotions) – shutdowncentral (3.0)
parallax beat brothers – acoustically digital
vladislav delay – nesso w/ babyfather & dj escrow

NASA/ESA: Hubble Space Telescope