1. D7 Dimension mix - May 2014
Dimension II-D7

D7 | Chris SSG | Co-founder of MNML SSGS and Founder of Interstice (ssg) | Tokyo, JP

Dimension Mix

Surgeon played a set at Boiler Room last year that was billed as ‘drone and bass’, and I think that’s a pretty accurate representation of the type of music I’ve been exploring and DJing recently. I’ve been very interested in music that is sonically powerful and can generate strong responses, but is not typical 4/4 dance music. One element of this has been figuring out how much drone I can play in the context of a DJ set – this can be a very intense form of music, but it generally is listened to in a more isolated setting. It’s been interesting in finding out what works and how far you can push people without alienating them. So on one level this mix is partly a reflection of these ongoing explorations. As this mix was recorded at home and for home listening, there is more drone, but when in the context of the club I have been tending for more bass.

Whether intentional or not, the approximate arc of the set is that of opening up the night, which has been the main context in which I have been trying to map out this approach. I am consistently frustrated by opening DJs not knowing their role and appreciating their crucial part in framing the night and setting up the acts to follow. So when I am playing first I have been very conscious and careful about creating the right atmosphere and not pushing too much.

Beyond that, there are no great concepts here, one night I just pressed record and starting mixing, and this is the end result. Thanks to Wata for kindly doing a light touch mastering job on the mix, and to Oscar for inviting me to participate in this excellent series. I hope you enjoy my contribution.



Sensate Focus vs Heatsick – Y
Kevin Drumm – Just Lay Down and Forget it
Autechre – Vi Scose Poise
Laraaji – Cave (Bee Mask version)
Dalhous – Active Discovering
Some Truths – Some Truths 10
Acre – Live Take
Outer Space – Liquid Systems Functions
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Stereo Music for Serge Modular Prototype
SoiSong – Kabuki Chop
Chora(S)San Time-Court Mirage – Blues Dhikr Al-Salam (Blues Al Maqam)
Compound Eye – Archaic Atmosphere
Outer Space – Crixa 5925
Pitreleh – Enclosure Wave Ramp
Dopplereffekt – Hyperelliptic Surfaces
CoH – Vainio
Peder Mannerfelt – Lines Describing a Circle
Vessel – Misery is a Communicable Disease
Unicorn Hardon – Persian Cats