1. D5 Fax Dimension Mix
Dimension II-D5

D5 | Fax | Co-founder/Artist of Static Discos | Mexicalli, MX

Daydreamers Mix

This is a very visual selection, at half light. I tried to select tracks that gave me images of all kinds, exploding in a very cinematic way. The tracks in here are not very recent but I think that the narrative in the mix functions like a window into the majority of genres and musical aesthetics that have attracted me since the late 90s. A lot of what FAX is can be found here, from future jazz, dub techno, soundtracks, the digital, the analog, the ambient and the never-ending cycles of Philip Glass. Everything very melodic, always searching for musicality.

This is a selection that weaves a road. There many tones, textures, rhythms and emotions that morph in an almost fun way, creating a small world of space and sound that I think are interesting and challenging to the ear.

The mix was created in the desert during the days of a working week that no one can’t escape, cross fading into written words, coffee, cigars, the summer heat and her.



Main Titles – James Newton Howard
Pretender’s Hand – Roam The Hello Clouds
Etoile Polaire (From Analog) – Philip Glass
Life’s Fading Light – The Sight Below
Crushing Shells – John Roberts
Weird Pleasure – David Last
Poinsettia – Teve Hauschildt
Dett – Plaid
Atavism 10 – SND
High Life – Arp
Posers – Andy Stott
Transform – Luke Hess
You Big – Karen Gwyer
Com Re-Touch (Pocket For Jack) – Clark