1. A Natural Selection

D4 | Afrikan Sciences | Recording Artist at Deepblak | NY, USA

A Natural Selection

A selection of artist and styles that have reflected and influenced my own musings.



James Brown – Nature intro
Tal National – Banganésiba
Phil Asher – Namby It Aint
Funkineven – The Joker
Green Pickles – Feedback
Dream 2 Science – Dream 2 Science
Aybee – Landing
Hughie Izachaar – The Jungle Feva
Beatless – Life Mirrors
Damon Bell – No Deuce No Dose
Codona – Colemanwonder
New Sector Movements – Penny Dun Drop
Kid Creole and The Coconuts – Verily Verily Verily
Laurie Anderson – Excellent Birds
Wildheart – Day Like This
Dego and Kaidi – Don’t Remain The Same
Aybee and Afrikan Sciences – K Fet 1
Billy Love – U Bring Me Up
Kyle Hall – Untitled
Afrikan Sciences – Monseq Q
Lee Gamble – Barker Spirals
Murky Waters – Check Yourself