1. D3 Sick Rose

D3 | Basic House | Founder of Opal Tapes | Newcastle, UK

The Sick Rose (Dimensions Mix)

Basic House

This mix or series of musical pieces conveys the disordered state I have with music currently. The lack of focus is the focus as such, and could be listened to with the present image of hands moving quickly among storage and machines. Disorder suggests a negative relationship but I believe that opening oneself to the chaos inherent in art, society and life and remembering how to breathe is the most important aspect of continued happiness.

These tracks are like finger prints, or tongue scrapings. They are evidence of a time and a place, an action in an environment. I have those around me; human and not, who pass on information constantly. It is this information which forms a track list and its shape. It would be wonderful to do this every day but the information is heavy and requires processing.

I like to listen to sounds. The DJ allows for prolonged exposure to a listening environment and for that I am thankful. Use your ears and choose your own way. Thank you to Oscar / DIMENSIONS and to William Blake for the following which better explains why and what than I ever shall.

“O Rose thou art sick.
The invisible worm,
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.”

The Sick Rose – William Blake



Flores Del Vicio – The Red Dirt (BH Diamond Hammer Variance)
Sigillum S – Instant Of The Obsession
Arne Nordheim – Response I
Dawn Of Humans – Tort, Plode, Blurst
Klara Lewis – Surfaced
PARA – Rise & Fall
Giacinto Scelsi – Anahit
Pharoah Sanders – Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord
Arktau Eos – Noxfaros
Basic House – Nurse
Gordon Ashworth – Suite For Broken Sex
Ñaka Ñaka – 000020
Thought Broadcast – Bonepolish
Wanda Group – Ten Lungs
Benzo – Sibria
Bjørn Torske – Kan Jeg Slippe (Intro)
Siobhan – Mind Court (Excerpt)
BAT – 582014e (Untitled)
Basic House – Invertor
Oliva Block – Opening Night
Joseph Clayton Mills – Part IV
Beneath – Occupy
Gondwana – Untitled
Van McCoy – The Hustle