D3 | Prosumer | Co-Founder/Artist of Potion | Berlin • Edinburgh

Music is the best way to distract and trick my brain. I can get absorbed with thoughts and emotions and will have a hard time to get out of there. Music can reach through that. And music can do that to me as well. I can be fully absorbed and submerged, my brain being bypassed and muted to anything that isn’t in the music. Music can be like an weird amazing house you discover on a walk in the woods, the one you just have to go inside, explore and discover. You open the doors with excitement, fear and curiosity, not knowing what you will find. But you have to follow the corridors and staircases and open all the doors.

My mix is a bit like one of these houses, it is a dark and gritty fairytale and quite scary at sometimes. But there is beauty in it and comfort. There is no happy ending because things never fully end but it sends you on your way with an positive outlook. A soundtrack for a journey. Best enjoyed on headphones and not to loud.