D7 | Lerosa & Kenny Hanlon | Apartment Records | Dublin • IE

The thing of playing with music with Kenny is that we buzz off similar records and situations so we rarely need to discuss what to play, we just sort of let it happen. Similarly in this instance we agreed not to plan anything in advance, Kenny just showed up with some records, we then did a quick selection from what we had there and recorded it; in between mixes we had to run after the cat in the garden who had no intention of coming in for the night, the rascal.

I don’t think we’ve dj’d for less than 3hrs in a club together —longest was around 7-8hrs so it was different to us recording something like this— it’s always different playing at home to being in a club, so I guess it’s like a “snippet” of a set I might play with Leo.

Imagine yourself wandering around the countryside of a central European country in the mid ‘80s after taking a heavy dosage of debilitating narcotics, looking for a rave that you can hear in the distance but are too inebriated to find, until the very end of it.