D4 | Rivet | Skudge / Kontra-Musik | Malmö • SE

When Oscar asked me to do something different, I was a bit perplexed as to what to do since I had a lot of “different” gigs happen lately.

However I realized that there are two of my all-time favourite songs that I never played out because of odd BPM; ‘Recoil – Shunt’ and ‘Speedy J – Amoco Cadiz’. So I thought why not make a mix based on those two songs?

Said and done I started compiling tracks for a few weeks that were 150-170BPM.

The actual mix planning was a lot shorter than usual, as I tried to play the songs just once before recording. Normally I spend many days setting the track order for a podcast, but somehow these songs just worked from the first take. It was quite a different experience to play this music, as I went from a hypnotic state into really fast dancing. One hour later I was drenched in sweat and you’re listening to the result now. Funnily neither of the inspirational tracks made it into the final take, so I heartily recommend you search them out.