D3 | Bass Clef | MAGIC + DREAMS | London • UK

This is a mix of music that I have acquired outside of the usual channels… you won’t find these tracks on discogs…they come from CDRs and SD cards given to me, over the years, at shows I’ve played or workshops I’ve given, by hopeful producers, often with no contact information or artist names or song titles… other tracks were emailed to me at one time or another in the last decade, most of which have subsequently lost their metadata on the many migrations, back and forth, between hard drives and clouds and broken laptops with broken screens…in some cases I just had to make up the titles, come up with a name which I thought sounded like the music…if I’ve credited anything wrongly I apologise, please get in touch and I’ll get it changed…

The mix is constructed in the form of a triptych…like a three panelled painting by Bosch perhaps…in this case the three panels are formed by the three distinct bpms the mix moves through: 123, 132 and 140.

Remember though: BPM, and indeed Genre, are obsolete terms invented by, or springing from the western classical music tradition, i.e. the colonialist patriarchy. They are flawed and narrow-minded ways of talking about or describing music, and should be used only with disdain, an acceptance of their limitations, and a defiance of their assumptions.