D2 | Volte – Face | BleeD | London • UK

When I was asked to provide a mix for Dimension Series, I decided right away that I should try to do something more conceptual than a usual ‘club’ mix. Arguably more so than ever, it’s worth asking ourselves what function a DJ mix serves. Is it to entertain? To transport? To provoke or challenge? Is it simply a meddlesome obligation on the path towards that elusive goal of a raised profile or status?

I find myself listening to DJ mixes less and less these days, not so much out of choice, but more because my every waking minute is already spent researching, compiling, making or otherwise consuming music. It tends to be those quiet moments travelling between some A and B that I afford myself the time to listen to another DJ’s endeavours. Usually, I’ll close my eyes and immerse myself in the music as best I can. With a bit of luck, my mind soon shifts to an alpha rhythm, and a liminal state between waking and sleeping is achieved. This for me is when music is best appreciated, and I feel most at peace. Even those times when I slip into a deep sleep, and drift in and out of consciousness, I find the repetitive beat somehow relaxing; reassuring even.

I wanted to, as best I can, induce that mental state over the course of this mix. Despite a near ever-present 4/4 kickdrum, it’s a dreamy, soporific journey, mixed live in one take. Far be it for me to tell you how best to listen, but I’ll be saving this one for the next ride. Enjoy the trip!